Welcome to the Minster Church of St Mary, Stow in Lindsey, the Stow Group of Churches and the Friends of Stow Minster. For many centuries Stow has been a small country village, but its origins lie at the heart of the Christian mission and ministry to North Lincolnshire and the ancient Kingdom of

Traditionally, a Minster was a Church which provided both a worshipping heart and an administrative centre from which Christian ministers and missionaries were sent out to the local countryside and villages.

Stow Minster remarkably still has such a worshipping heart and a desire to serve whilst being considered by many to be amongst the best tourist sites and visitor attractions in Lincolnshire.

Minster thru flowers2

In addition to St Mary’s, the Stow Group of Churches, in the Diocese of Lincoln, includes St Helen, Willingham by Stow; St Edith, Coates by Stow; and St Peter, Torksey, all medieval foundations, with their own fascinating history. We also care for the now dual purpose Victorian Mission Church of St Hugh, Sturton by Stow.

Enjoy Stow. We are here for you. Why don’t you come inside?

You are very welcome

Coronavirus Update

CORONAVIRUS – IMPORTANT INFORMATION For details of forthcoming services go to our Services page where you will find details of Sunday worship opportunities within the Stow Group of Parishes

Please read our coronavirus page where further details will be found on the reopening of the church for heritage visits. From Friday 10th September the church is open from 8.30am to dusk daily. Visitors are advised to wear face masks, use the hand sanitiser available on entry, and follow social distance guidelines. A QR code is available to scan on entry.

The Post Office within the Minster will continue to provide an essential service though this is subject to change. Please see our Post Office page for details.

The Stow Group Parish Magazine is now available in paper format. Visit our Parish Magazine page.


Historic England Case Study at St Hugh

Research undertaken by the Historic Places Investigation Research Group at Historic England included a case study of the Church of St Hugh at Sturton by Stow.   This report, which forms part of a wider national project looking at the works of prolific…

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Our new Friends Group

Why not join ? This is a new organisation which is being created to keep people informed of the building work and to support, utilise and develop the Anglo-Saxon Minster Church of St Mary, Stow . Membership of the Friends is…

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Come and Join Us at Worship

Perhaps this year, you yourself might consider joining our church community. You and yours will always be most welcome and it is good to be part of a special and supportive group, especially in a more troubling world situation. The…

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