Our new Friends Group

Why not join ?

This is a new organisation which is being created to keep people informed of the building work and to support, utilise and develop the Anglo-Saxon Minster Church of St Mary, Stow . Membership of the Friends is by annual subscription/ donation, to receive a 6 monthly newsletter. You can also gift a Membership to a family member or friend


Friends of Stow Minster, c/o Mr Alan Marshall, Ivy Cottage, Tillbridge Road, Sturton-by-Stow, Lincoln, LN1 2BP.

Please contact Alan Marshall on 01427 788787 or email: alanmarshalltoys@gmail.com for all enquiries.

Please be aware

The building work on the Minster is ongoing, with the first phase now completed. For a historical building such as this, one of the 100 most endangered buildings in the world, the list of jobs to do is never-ending. Ensuring it is watertight is an continuous requirement. This means that the internal structure does not deteriorate further and damp does not affect the decoration, as has happened in the past. Please take care and make allowances for any ongoing work. Thank you.

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