South Transept

Looking Back

Three Windows 2
A feature of the South Transept is the three different architectural styles shown in windows in the same wall.

Looking back from the South Transept, it is possible to make out the division between Bishop Aelfuoth’s work and that of Eadnoth II, which is where the pilaster strips alter their size. The fire must have destroyed the original arches and damaged the piers. Thus the arches themselves, with the imposts and the upper parts of the piers to differing levels, belong to Eadnoth’s building.

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The oak figures of Saint Mary and Saint John are part of a rood group made for Buckfast Abbey in 1882 by Harry Hems of Exeter.

In this transept there are some charming fifteenth century heads on the east wall, which presumably served as a bracket to support a large statue. The backs of the two nearby stalls are made from pieces of late medieval screens, which originally stood in the crossing.

Stow’s War Memorial

The South transept also houses the War memorial. This is now plays a major part in families introducing the next generation to stories of fathers, and grandfathers, as they trace their ancestry.

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