St. Hugh’s, Sturton

Please note this building was sold in January 2022 and is now in private ownership. The following is for information only.

Designed by John Loughborough Pearson

The rural parish of Stow-with-Sturton not only has the internationally important Stow Minster as its Parish Church, but also had a second building (St Hugh’s Church) that dates from 1879 in Sturton-by-Stow, the largest centre of population within parish.

St Hugh’s Church, Sturton by Stow is a Grade II listed building designed by one of the leading church architects of the Victorian period, John Loughborough Pearson. It is described in Quiney’s autobiography as one of JLP’s cheap and cheerful churches.

Research undertaken by the Historic Places Investigation Research Group at Historic England included a case study of the Church of St Hugh at Sturton by Stow.  The report on the  church interiors of John Loughborough Pearson has now been issued in the Historic England Research Report Series and can be downloaded as a PDF from the following link:


NB: For the legal minded – The building known as St Hugh’s Church was licensed by Bishop Christopher Wordsworth in 1879 as a Mission Room and this status only changed on the sale of the building.

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