An urgent case

Included in the 100 most endangered sites in the world by the World Monument Fund in 2006,  this special building is in need of water and weatherproofing before the internal decoration can be addressed.

This important Anglo-Saxon Minster has parts dating from 950 A.D. It attracts visitors from round the world and is an important historic and spiritual site which was restored in Victorian times but now needs major restoration and repair works.

The Church is a Grade 1 listed building so great care needs to be taken. It is estimated that the work will take at least 10 years to complete and cost between  £2-3 million at current prices.

Restoration work will be in three stages:

  • STAGE 1 – (current stage) Prevention of water damage to internal structure

  • STAGE 2 –  Repair of weather damage to the building

  • STAGE 3 – Internal restoration

Work in Progress

Stage 1

At present we are at Stage 1 of the building repairs.

Phase 1 Repairs to North and South Transept Roofs

Work is now complete on this phase. The ground level drainage work had to be delayed until later as the roof work was the priority. During the replacement of the woodwork,  there was several interesting finds including what is believed to be the Restoration Rood Beam, sawn in half and reused, and also a possible wooden cover for the 13th Century Font.

Phase 2 repairs will now be started as soon as possible

  • Phase 2 Tower Roof and masonry is estimated to cost around £325,000
  • Phase 3 Chancel Roof is to follow on from this
  • Phase 4 Nave Roof will be repaired after the chancel

Stage 2

Repairs to weather damage, External masonry, Repair glazing

Stage 3

Internal restoration, Repairs to damaged plaster, Redecoration

Work hopefully to be completed soon.


Many national and international bodies, such as the World Monument Fund, the Church Commissioners and English Heritage are helping to fund this work. However more help is needed. If you wish to preserve this unique and important building for future generations, please consider making a Donation and/or joining the Friends of Stow Minster


Please make your donation by sending a cheque made payable to “Stow Church Restoration Trust” to Stow Church Restoration Trust, c/o Mr Alan Marshall, Ivy Cottage, Tillbridge Road, Sturton-by-Stow, Lincoln, LN1 2BP.

thank you

Please be generous, this important building needs your help if it is to be preserved for the future.

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